Classroom/Studio Protocol

No food or drinks in the dance rooms. Please only bring water into the dance rooms.

Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to class if they are attending more than one class back-to-back. 

No chewing gum in studio.

Please do not allow children to run around or play rough in the studio.

Siblings and friends of students should not be left unattended in the dance studio at any time. An adult must supervise siblings or friends that are not participating in class. Parents supervision is required prior to and immediately following class.

Inappropriate language or conversations within the studio is not permitted.

All students are to use the restroom before class. Please make every effort to arrive on time for classes. The first of every class is very important in order to begin the class.

Friends may be allowed in the dance room ONLY if they are participating. We cannot be responsible for unsupervised children.

There are to be no acrobatic tricks performed anywhere, other than in the dance room and during instruction.

Good attitude, good attendance and practice at home are expected from each student.