Hair must be pulled back away from the face. If hair falls at shoulders or below, hair must be pulled back in a ponytail at all times. Proper dance attire and shoes are required for all students in all classes.
Please limit jewelry to single studded earrings.
When students dress like dancers, they feel like dancers, and perform like dancers!
The entire class stays more focused when properly dressed for class. Dress Code is listed below for each style of dance.

You will find a tab on home page of our website to use to order students dance attire. You will also have charts to use to determine sizing.


Tan Buckle Mary Jane Tap Shoes–some junior and preteens will wear lace-up split-sole Black tap Jazz Slip-On- Turquoise, Black Leotards/Tan Tights


Solid Black Leotards and or Solid Black Booty Shorts/Tan Tights-Hair worn in buns


Recreational & Competitive Pink split-sole Turquoise, or Black Leotards/Pink Tights-Hair worn in buns


Recreation & Competitive White Clogging Shoes ordered from Carls Clogging Shoes. DFS has a way to size students for clogging shoes. 1-800-848-6366 is the number to Carls Clogging Shoes. He is very busy and its hard to reach them on the phone so you can also google Carls Clogging Supplies and order them online. According to when you order them it may take weeks to receive them. Loose clothing is to be worn. NO DENIM!


Recreational & competitive -Any loose clothing can be worn. Pants need to pass the knee and any top. NO DENIM. Any street-style, CLEAN-bottomed sneaker may be worn until performance shoes are decided on.

Lyrical/Contemporary/Technique-recreational & competitive

Nude Foot Undeez- Turquoise or Black Leotards/Tan tights/Hair worn in buns


Barefoot and Biketard- Biketards are purchased through the dance studio. This Biketard will be worn all year and for all performances!  No tights –All classes may wear solid black booty shorts. Males- wear loose fitting clothing-NO DENIM.

There is a bulletin board in the waiting room. You may place your name and phone number on the board of items that you wish to sell.